Getting started

General questions

How does it work?

We take supported cryptocurrency deposits on one side and bitcoin deposits on the other side of the trade, then we allow our customers to exchange their cryptocurrencies.

How to start?

It's easy, fast and free to open an account. Click Registration in the top of the page, fill out the form and log in, then you have to fund your account. Click Balances in the main menu and select a type of deposit you wish to make.

How can I switch between markets?

To switch between different markets, please use the right menu where is the list of all trading pairs.

Account & Security

Learn how to secure your account

How to enable 2FA?

Simply register or log in to your account. There you can see security panel with 2FA authenication. Simply click on it, download to your mobile device Google Authenticator app, click scan QR code and fill in your new generated code. After that, everytime you want to log in to your account or make withdrawal, you will be asked for this code from your mobile device.

How to enable SMS Authentication?

Simply register or log in to your account. There you can see security panel with SMS authenication. Choose your country prefix, fill in your phone number and submit. In a few seconds you will receive authorization code - after you filling this code and submiting the form, you will get active SMS auth. SMS auth is used for withdrawals.

Why two factor authentication does not accept my code?

With two factor authentication it is very important that the time on our server and your mobile device and the time within your Google Authenticator app is in sync, therefore please try to re-sync Google Authenticator by going to Settings -> Time correction for codes -> Sync now, or if you use iOS please set; Settings -> General -> Date & Time -> Set Automatically -> to On, and then make sure your mobile device displays the correct time and then try again.

I have lost my password. How do I regain access to my account?

Please use the following link to regain access to your account: https://www.btcsquare.net/forgotpassword
You will receive link to your email where you can setup new password.


All you need to know about how to deposit your BTCsquare account

How to send cryptocurrency to my account?

Simply go to Balances and click Deposit in the row where your currency is shown. Then you will be prompted with address where you will send the amount.

How long it takes to receive the deposit to my account?

It differs on each cryptocurrency. But all payments are going in real-time, so when we have info from blockchain about your payment, it is immediately shown in your account after confirmations that we receive from the network.


How to withdraw your assets

How to withdraw my assets?

Simply go to Balances and click Withdrawal in the row where your currency is shown. Insert your wallet address and confirm with 2FA(if activated). Then you will receive confirmation email that is needed to be confirmed by clicking on link.

How long it takes to withdraw assets to my wallet?

It differs on each cryptocurrency. When you confirm the withdrawal in your email, it's immediately send to blockchain.


Learn how to trade

How to trade?

After you successfully funded your account, it is time to trade. Click Exchange in the main menu. Instant orders are very simple to use, but limit orders give you the power of setting the price you wish to pay or get for your bitcoins. It is up to you to decide which one to use. We recommend instant orders for people who would like to make a trade as soon as possible and limit orders to people who have experience in market trading.


BUY / SELL ORDERS is a list of all open sell and buy orders at the moment. You can buy or sell bitcoins at those prices instantly.

How much does it cost?

BTCsquare charges a trading fee from each party of successful trades made through the market. The amount of the fee is fixed and it's 0.1% for each party.

Is it safe to use BTCsquare?

Yes! Our main priority is to keep clients personal data safe and secure. We take great precautions around security of our system and are constantly monitoring for any suspicious activities, however we cannot provide security for bitcoins stored on users computer, so it is important to take additional steps to ensure that your bitcoin wallet remains protected from users other than yourself.

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