Public & Private API

This API is outdated and is online for backward compatibility only. Please use API v2:

API Documentation

We are providing Public and Private API. Both API uses HTTP requests and responses are in JSON format. Public API shows all info about trading - volume on each pair, current price, order book, trade history. Private API allows you to submit buy&sell orders, cancel your orders and retreive actual balance on your assets.

You need to generate API token in the top of this page (must be logged) in order to use private API.

API endpoint is:

All methods are appended.

Public API



GET method

Retrieve list of all markets including high,low,bid,ask,volume and current price.


Order book


GET method

Retrieve list of all orders for specified market.


Trade history


GET method

Retrieve list of all trades for specified market. The list is limited to 100 records. Date is UNIX UTC timestamp.


Private API

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